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Wax for the bow string

Price 1,20€ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Vosk
Produced by: Lucistnice.cz
Category: Accessories

Wax for the bow string č.1
Wax for the bow string č.1
Wax for the bow string č.2
Wax for the bow string č.3

Product variations (3)

Order num. Name Availability Price  
1 100% Beeswax 1 week 1,20 €
2 Beeswax with medicinal vaseline 1 week 1,20 €
3 Beeswax with colophonium 1 week 1,20 €

Product detail

Great natural instrument is ideal for impregnation of bowstring, leather, threads, ropes, boots and wood.

We offer you the beeswax in three variations. The beeswax is casted in small bricks 75 x 25 x 15 mm (approx.), the weight is 25 g at least (it is handmade so the bricks can differ a bit in measurements and weight). The brick can be spread directly on the impregnated material, but it is easily used when heated a bit. Also you can melt the brick (use the old pot or can) and spread the wax or mix the melted wax with some other material, making the original recipe yourself.

1) Beeswax 100%

The beeswax is a 100% product of a bees body. Our beeswax is cleared and melted in a temperature of about 65 °C / 149 °F. It is a great natural instrument for impregnation of bowstring, bows and other wooden products. Can be also used for ropes or saddler threads impregnating.

2) Beeswax with medicinal vaseline

It melts better than 100% beeswax. The brick is a lot softer, has a lighter colour and thanks to the medicinal vaseline also a lot greasier. The mixture very well penetrates the leather (and also the skin on your hands!). If you heat it a bit, you can easily spread it into a wood and other materials not only in archery.

3) Beeswax with colophonium

Colophonium is a natural resin extract and is often used for spreading on fiddlesticks or soldering. The brick made of a mix of beeswax and colophonium is harder and of a darker colour than the 100% beeswax. It impregnates well even in the original state (doesn't have to be melted or heated), mainly the saddler threads, ropes and bowstrings (mainly the crossbow bowstrings). Impregnated thread's lifetime is better and the seams are almost waterproof.