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Compound bow Genesis Original

Price 230€ (incl. VAT)
Produced by: Mathews
Category: Bows
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Compound bow Genesis Black with red cam

Compound bow Genesis Black with red cam

Compound bow Genesis Black with red cam
Compound bow Genesis Original č.2
Compound bow Genesis Original č.3
Compound bow Genesis Original č.4
Camo texture
Carbon look

Product detail

Compound bow Genesis Original connects modern design with reliable technology of the 21st century. It is suitable both for beginners and advanced archers who like modern archery. You may know these bows from our shooting ranges (red one for right handed and yellow for left handed shooters).

The compound bows are typical for the "let-off" at the end of the draw when the draw weight is getting lower. This parametr makes it possible only for one shooter to shoot because it has to be tuned to the lenght of the arm of the archer. When shooting with Genesis Original, the strenght is in maximum in 1/3 of its draw range. The strenght is then constant and the bow is suitable for the shooters of every height. This is a big advantage because the shooting is then not fixed only to just one person and the bow can be used by the whole family.

The single cam system uses one pulley situated at the lower arm of the bow. This system provides a maximum use of energy when drawing the bow without noise and it makes the maintance of the bow very easy. The body is made from metal and it is cut in the place where you need to lay the arrow. This is also the reason why we distinguish the bow for right handed (the bow is in the left hand) and left handed shooters. In the case of compound bows, there is no need to take off the string. 

The body of the is equiped with a holder for an arrow so you do not have to place the arrow on the hand. You can change the holder easily, the thread is standard. There is a standard thread on the body for frontal stabilization and a thread for a quiver. According to you wishes, we are able to make the bow in different colours but the delivery time is then longer.

Our arrows Easton jazz are perfect for this bow. Don't use with wooden arrows!

Compound bow Genesis
Dostupná síla:
(Draw Length)
10-20 lbs
(Axle to axle)
90 cm/35 1/2"
(Brace Height)
19,4 cm/7 5/8"
Délka nátahu:
(Draw Length)
38-76 cm/15" - 30"

cca 1338 g

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