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Back leather quiver

Price 50€
Order number: ToulecZadovy
Produced by: Lucistnice.cz
Category: Quivers, Armguards, Protectors
Type: Right | Left

Leather quiver - right handed

Leather quiver - right handed

Leather quiver - right handed
Leather quiver, cedar wood arrows
Leather quiver - right handed II.
Leather quiver - detail of the sewing
Leather quiver - detail of the buckle
Leather quiver - right handed, Attila bow
Leather quiver - shooting
Back leather quiver č.8
Back leather quiver č.9
Back leather quiver č.10

Product variations (2)

Order num. Name Availability Price  
1 Back leather quiver - natural colour 1 month 50 €
2 Back leather quiver - black colour 1 month 58 €

Product detail

Handmade leather quiver with adjustable belt. Made of solid cow hide (2 mm), natural colour.

Available for both right handed / left handed archers. The archeress on the last picture is drawing the bow string with her right hand - that means she needs the right handed quiver.

We recommend to oil / wax the leather immediately and repeat this process after some time. It'll get darker colour (see the waist quiver) but you can use it forever in good condition.