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"Y" leather glove

Price 10€ (incl. VAT)
Order number: RukaviceY
Produced by: Kafka (HU)
Category: Quivers, Armguards, Protectors
Availability: 1 week
Type: Right | Left
Size: S | M | L | XL
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Y leather glove - bow hand protector

Y leather glove - bow hand protector

Y leather glove - bow hand protector
Y leather glove
Y leather glove - shoting
Y leather glove, hungarian bow, cedar wood arrows, leather quiver
Y leather glove - shooting, hungarian bow

Product detail

This leather glove is protecting the hand which holds the bow. Right handed archers hold the bow with left hand, so they choose the left one and vice versa. This glove doesn't have any fingers, it covers only the first third of the index finger, part of thumb and the fore part of hand.

It is great if you use a bow without arrow leading or if you use natural feathers. People with fine skin (ladies) can have small cuts from the flying feathers, so this simple glove is a right protector for them.

The glove is available in four sizes. It is made of genuine leather and small elastic belt with velcro fastener.

There is a left handed glove on the pictures.

Brown colour.