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NEW DIMENSION of traditional archery

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Slingshot Indigo

Price 6,30€ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Indigo
Produced by: Lucistnice.cz
Category: Slingshots

Slingshot Indigo

Slingshot Indigo

Slingshot Indigo
Slingshot Indigo blue
Slingshot Indigo natural
Slingshot Indigo body

Product variations (3)

Order num. Name Availability Price  
1 Slingshot Indigo blue 1 week 12 €
2 Slingshot Indigo natural 1 week 12 €
3 Slingshot Indigo body 1 week 6,30 €

Product detail

Extra powerful slingshot Indigo has a well tested basic shape enhanced with drilled holes which makes it look a little futuristic. It is made from beech plywood (3 layers), this material is light and very resistent to tension from all directions. The plywood is water-resistant and the plies are sticked with eco-friendly disperse glue.

This slingshot comes in two variations - blue and natural, both with indigo blue leather pouch and TB tube rubber. You can also purchase only the natural body.

The rubber is an UV sensitive material, so we do not recommend to keep the sling-shot on the direct sunlight (when not used). It is very easy to change the worn out rubber.