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Gunny sack - target

Price 4,50€ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Pytel
Produced by: Lucistnice.cz
Category: Targets, shooting range equipment

Gunny sack target - back side

Gunny sack target - back side

Gunny sack target - back side
Spider image - black print
Back side - brown print
Spider web image - brown print
Back side - red print
Flower image - red print
Gunny sack - target č.7
Gunny sack - target č.8
Full gunny sack with arrows
Gunny sack - target č.10

Product variations (3)

Order num. Name Availability Price  
1 Gunny sack - target, image Spider web 1 week 4,50 €
2 Gunny sack - target, image Spider 1 week 4,50 €
3 Gunny sack - target, image Flower 1 week 4,50 €

Product detail

The front side of the sack is printed with different images, please choose which one you prefer. The back side is always the same - target like circles and the inscription Lucistnice.cz (= TheArcheress.com in czech).

The sacks are made of 100% jute. The material is ecological, decomposable and you can toss them to the compost. If you leave the gunny sack in the nature it will decompose in few months. If you need to prolong their life, protect the sack from direct sunlight and water. 

You can fill the gunny sack with hay, straw, wood shavings, old paper, leaves, wool, grass... this way you get great mobile target suitable for many draw weights of bows (depending on the filling). If you like to travel with the bow, you can easily fill the sack after you reach your destination. Then you just hang the sack, nail it on wooden desk or tie it to the stake.

Empty gunny sack can be used as a package or container of whatever you need. The size is perfect for our crossbow. If you use the medieval tent and want to hide the non-medieval stuff, the gunny sack is a great thing to use! Of course you can use it traditionaly for potatoes or just to sit comfortably on the filled sack.