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Sindibad the sailor

Price 13,50€ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Sindibad
Produced by: Jiří Havlis
Category: Swords
Availability: 1 week

Sindibad the sailor č.1
Sindibad the sailor č.1
Sindibad the sailor č.2
Sindibad the sailor č.3

Product detail

Sindibad the sailor is the legendary arabian hero of a Thousand and One Night stories. In his adventures he met for example a man-eating Cyclops and giant Kraken. Námořník Sindibád je legendární arabský hrdina ze sbírky pohádek Tisíc a jedna noc. Při svých fantastických dobrodružstvích na mořích se setkal s lidožravým kyklopem i obřím krakenem. Armed with strenght, courage, wit and sabre, Sindibad the sailor copes with every problem!

The sword is made of high quality beech wood plywood. It doesn't make long dangerous wooden cuttings. The guard is also made of beech plywood so it safely protects small fingers. The grip is covered with faux leather for historical appearance and comfortable holding of the sword. We left the sword in a natural colour, the surface isn't polished. You can colour it with your children.

Lenght is 60 cm.