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NEW DIMENSION of traditional archery

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If you own five different talismans (with different pictures), you have 5% discount at our shop and a stall (any time you decide to stop by and buy something), also you can shoot at our shooting ranges one turn with a bow for free.

Shooting talisman
is a round wooden token with burnt out picture and an inscription "Lucistnice.cz". Each shooting range and e-shop has its own picture.
You win the talisman at a shooting range by hitting the white centre (the "bulleye"), or by buying some item at our e-shop.
You can keep the talisman as souvenir or you can exchange it on some other shooting range for shooting for free.
Shooting ducat
The shooting ducat is a coin made of clay which you can win by hitting the white centre.
If you hit the bulleye twice you win the "copper" coin. It is made of clay and you can spend it with our partners as a real coin. The value of copper coin is 30 Kč.
If you are more succesful and hit the bulleye three or more times then you get a "silver" coin. It is made of clay and the value is 100 Kč.

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