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Velhartice shop

We invite you in our café "Café jak z praku" in Velhartice castle. You can refresh yourself with a delicious coffee, ice creams, soft drinks and something little to eat. You can sit either inside or take your refreshments outside to sit on the grassy slopes near the castle and watch a beautiful panorama of Šumava mountains.   
If you want to see our bows, crossbows, slingshots, arrows etc. by own eyball, here you have the chance! The staff will help you with choosing, explains how to maintain the goods in a good condition and there's also the possibility to try our goods on the shooting range, where we can instruct you how to use it. If you contact us in advance, you can also pick up your e-shop ordered goods here. And of course, you can spend your shooting talismans and ducats...  


There's a levander corner in our shop, where you can find levander flowers, soaps, esencial oil or levander filled cushions for your home. 
If you love honey, then you will be delighted with levander honey and honey made spreads "Těchonická medoláda".
Also there's a large offer of postcards, touristic collecting articles and castle souvenirs.
If you have a question about some particular item, don't hesitate to contact us on info@lucistnice.cz.
Season shop Velhartice:
Velhartice 1
341 42 Kolinec
tel: 723 950 084, 728 424 636
IV, X:       Sat - Sun 10:00 - 16:00
V,VI, IX:   Tue - Sun 10:00 - 17:00
VII - VIII:  Tue - Sun 10:00 -  18:00